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The capital city guarantees cleanliness on the Larreynaga and Buenos Aires slopes

Committed to guaranteeing the cleanliness and public health of the capital's families, the Managua Mayor's Office carried out a cleaning and ornamentation day in 2 sections of the Larreynaga and Buenos Aires tracks.

On the Larreynaga road, between the La Virgen roundabout and Villa San Jacinto, Ornato workers from the Managua Citizen Power Mayor's Office carried out cleaning, chapoda, shade lifting and garbage collection.

In the same way, the Municipality carried out cleaning and garbage evacuation tasks on the Buenos Aires track, in the section between the traffic lights of the Rafaela Herrera neighborhood, until it intersected with the North Highway.

In these cleaning tasks, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, evacuated 500 cubic meters of solid waste and had 13 trucks, 2 front loaders and 80 Ornato and Public Cleaning workers.

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