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Cleaning days in Districts VI and VII

The Mayor's Office of Managua began this week the third special cleaning day in Districts VI and VII, to evacuate more than 300 cubic meters of garbage from the neighborhoods: 8 de Marzo, Américas 1, Colonia 9 de Junio and the main street of the Villa Rafaela Herrera.

The cleaning days include special attention to the micro-dumps, transfer centers and authorized garbage deposits in both Districts.

The special crew for this day is made up of 32 operators, 3 dump trucks of 12 cubic meters, 3 dump trucks of 15 cubic meters, 5 trucks of 7 cubic meters and a truck of 11 cubic meters, the trucks and crews were protected by the National Police and in a shift from 8:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon, 20 trips were made with all the trucks loaded to their full capacity with garbage.

This cleaning day is in addition to the service and schedule established for the collection of household garbage in the neighborhoods of Districts VI and VII and is done in conjunction with the Public Cleaning Directorates and the General Directorate of Municipal Infrastructure and Services.

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