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Rehabilitated streets in the 28 de Mayo neighborhood

The rehabilitation works in the road infrastructure of Districts V, VI and VII continue to advance, for three consecutive weeks daily; Under the protection of the National Police, three gangs of the municipality have repaired a little more than 800 square meters of roads, until Friday of last week.

This Monday, July 9, the repair work began in the May 28 neighborhood of District V, which has severe damage on its main streets. On the first day of work, two areas were repaired, one of 166.98 square meters and the other of 70.68 square meters, this means that 4,753 pavers were installed on the first day of the week, to guarantee better road circulation in the area.

In the first weeks of work to recover the city's roads on the most important roads due to the level of traffic, the Sabana Grande Tracks, Rubenia Overpass, Traffic lights from 1 de Mayo to the Solidaridad Track were served, benefiting families from the sectors of Veracruz, Conchita Palacios, Villa Austria.

In the repair work to the road network, at least 300 workers participate, divided into three crews and one machinery, a skid steer, 2 dump trucks, and a mechanical shovel in each crew.

The San Cristóbal, Ducualí, El Edén, La Fuente and Germán Pomares neighborhoods, as well as, in the El Edén Bridge sector, on the Juan Pablo II track, we worked together with brigades from the municipality and the Ministry of Infrastructure Transport .

In the first three weeks of work, approximately 18,753 pavers have been installed that had been removed from their place.

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