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Crews of the Commune and the MTI rehabilitate roads in Districts IV and V

Committed to improving the quality of life of capital families, the Managua Mayor's Office, with the support of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, repairs cobbled streets in Managua neighborhoods.

This Friday, July 6, workers from the municipality and the Ministry of Infrastructure Transportation worked in the sector of the San Cristóbal, Ducualí, El Edén, La Fuente and Germán Pomares neighborhoods, as well as, in the El Edén Bridge sector, on the Juan Pablo II track.

In these sectors of the capital, the crews of workers repaired 678 square meters of roads, where approximately 14,200 cobblestones were reinstalled, to guarantee safety and better road traffic in the area.

For their part, the families living in the sector thanked the authorities for repairing these roads that were damaged in previous days, as stated by Mr. Julio Rivas and Mrs. Olga Maradiaga from the San Cristóbal neighborhood, another who showed Mr. Porfirio Zúniga from the Ducualí neighborhood was happy with the repairs, and he applauded the repair of a ford that was destroyed on the street that runs from the El Edén bridge to the south side of the Periférico market.

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