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Tribute to Alexis Argüello

In tribute to the ninth anniversary of the passage to another plane of life of the Three-time World Boxing Champion and Mayor of the Town Alexis Argüello Bohórquez, the Mayor of Managua held a day of commemorative activities in his memory.

The tribute day began with a response, with liturgical songs performed by the Marina Cárdenas municipal choir in the chapel of the Jardines del Recuerdo cemetery, where floral offerings were also imposed on the tomb.

Subsequently, building authorities, family members and athletes, imposed floral offerings at the monument to Alexis Argüello located in the Plaza de las Victorias.

In this activity, the Vice Mayor of Managua Enrique Armas Rosales, highlighted the sports legacy, solidarity and love that Alexis Argüello always manifested; Likewise, Mrs. Karla Rizo, widow of the Three-Time Champion, emphasized his sports legacy and expressed that he was a man of reconciliation and peace.

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