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Rehabilitation of the road network in the capital advances

Rehabilitation works on the road infrastructure are progressing. Under the protection of the National Police, three gangs of the municipality install between eight thousand and eight thousand five hundred cobblestones daily, on days from 7:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.

In the first five days of work and in a first phase, to regain the city's roads on the most important roads due to the level of traffic, some three hundred workers located in three crews, work simultaneously in three points of the Sabana Grande Tracks, Solidarity Track and Rubenia Overpass, repairing between 140 and 150 square meters of track daily.

To restore the road network in Managua, it will take three months of work to attend to the damage from Monday to Sunday.

As a result of the special work day, the Managua Mayor's Office attended 800 linear meters of streets on the tracks of Sabana Grande, Rubenia Desnivel Pass, Traffic lights from May 1 to the Solidarity Track, benefiting families from the sectors of Veracruz , Conchita Palacios, Villa Austria and all the neighborhoods located around the track.

In the repair work to the road network, at least 300 workers divided into three crews and a skid steer, 2 dump trucks, and a mechanical shovel in each crew participate.

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