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Mayor establishes Special Cleaning Plan

The Mayor's Office of Managua organized a special plan to respond to the demand of families living in the neighborhoods of District VI, affected by the non-removal of household garbage.

The plan consists of evacuating garbage from authorized containers, with special crews equipped with machinery and guarded by the National Police, as security measures for personnel and equipment. Starting this Monday, the containers located in Sabana Grande will be served three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

En los contenedores de Sabana Grande se extrajo de cada uno, 120 metros cúbicos de basura, y en esta misma ruta, también fueron atendidos los contenedores ubicados detrás de Zona Franca Las Mercedes, La Subasta y el parque Los Amigos. La cuadrilla de limpieza que dará atención especial a los barrios mientras se adquieren las nuevas unidades recolectoras, está integrada por 8 camiones, 3 cargadoras frontales y 20 operarios.[vc_images_carousel images=”11988,11989,11990,11991,11992,11993,11994,11995,11996,11997,11998,11999,12000,12001,12002,12003,12004,12005″ img_size=”large”]

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