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Municipal authorities in the company of the Japanese Delegation visit the construction of the Las Piedrecitas and 7 Sur Overpass

This visit took place as part of the meeting held by Mr. Sudo Jiyü, Vice Minister of Transportation of Japan, together with a delegation of businessmen and the Japanese banking sector, with construction professionals from Nicaragua; which included visiting one of the works in development in the Nicaraguan capital.

During this visit, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Managua Mayor's Office, explained about the development of these infrastructure works in the capital, revealing that the Las Piedrecitas overpass is leading to an advance of the 68%; explaining that construction is progressing in the installation of its 2 ramps, in the case of bridge B, which has a length of 440 linear meters, is in its final phase and bridge A, with 565 linear meters, advances in a 25% in the superstructure of the same; He said that currently, in this project there are 400 workers working on the work and it is expected that at the peak time that construction will have up to 1 thousand workers working.

Likewise, he expressed that the construction of the 7 Sur overpass has a global advance of the 18%, he also explained that one of the complexities of these road infrastructures is that they have many works that go underground; detailing that they have a little more than 7 kilometers of potable water pipes, 4 kilometers of drainage, 1.7 kilometers of sewage, more than 10 kilometers of electrical conduit and telecommunications wiring.

These works, which are carried out with the municipality's own funds and which, according to its size, represent one of the most important road projects in the capital city, for which the Las Piedrecitas overpass is expected to finish its construction at start of the last quarter of the year and conclude, at the end of the last quarter of the year, the 7 Sur overpass and with this culminate the year 2018, with this very important work and in 2019 and 2020 complete the John Paul II track, which It is the most important road corridor in the capital city, with characteristics very similar to the infrastructure of these works.

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