Mayor presents Management Report for the First Quarter of 2018

In the ordinary session number 4 of the Honorable Council of Managua, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, presented the municipal management report corresponding to the first quarter of 2018; Likewise, the first modification to the General Budget of Income and Expenses of the Mayor of Managua for the year 2018 was approved.

In the presentation of the first quarterly municipal management report, a summary was made of the achievements, which highlighted that the total income was 1 thousand 771 million 413 thousand 473 of net Córdobas, of which ordinary income represented 82%, that were obtained through the Municipal Tax on Income, Registration and Licenses, Property and Real Estate Tax, Rolling Tax, Garbage Fee and miscellaneous taxes.

Likewise, comrade Reyna Rueda, stated that the total expenditures were 1 thousand 42 million 140 thousand 141 of Córdobas, of which 71% correspond to Capital Expenditures, which is reflected in the execution of 201 projects contemplated in the Plan of Annual Investment, with an amount of 178 million 273 thousand 565 of Córdobas. It also reported that in road works, conditions were improved 158 blocks of streets, which includes the reconstruction and expansion of the municipality's road network, maintenance was given to 321 blocks of dirt streets and 48 cobblestone blocks; 5 million 84 thousand 321 córdobas were invested in rainwater drainage in construction works and expansion of the system; 43 projects for the recovery and beautification of public spaces were executed with an investment of 43 Million 462 thousand 759 from Córdobas; in human development projects and programs, more than 27 thousand people were served; in the cleaning of the city indicated that 123 thousand 286 tons of garbage were collected.

Another unanimously approved agenda item was the first modification of the General Budget of Income and Expenditure of the Mayor's Office of Managua, corresponding to the year 2018, which was requested by the Mayor of Managua as a matter of urgency, based on article number 40 of the Municipal Budgetary Regime Law.

In this session of the Council, the Mayor of Managua presented a proposal to grant the Municipal Order Andrés Alexis Argüello Bohórquez, to 3 outstanding Nicaraguan athletes, these being the baseball players Julio Moya Espinoza and Ernesto Inocente López Ugarte and the javelin throwing champion Olivia Dalila Rugama Carmona; Therefore, a Special Commission made up of 5 councilors was also created, who will analyze the application and present their opinion in the next session.

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