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First school and university beach volleyball tournament begins

The first school and university beach volleyball tournament to be held throughout the month of April, began this weekend at Paseo Xolotlán.

High school students from public and private schools and young university students participate in the tournament; The sporting event is organized by the Mayor's Office of Managua, MINED and the Federation of Secondary Students.

16 men's teams and 12 women's teams participated in the opening of the tournament.

During the inauguration of the tournament, Mayor Reyna Rueda explained that competitions will be held every weekend in April, with the aim of promoting the love of sport in the new generations.

“Promoting the love of sports and friendly games among young people is our main objective of this tournament, volleyball had a renaissance after the recent Central American Games; the games left us as a legacy not only the new sports infrastructure, but we were able to see in beach volleyball and indoor volleyball hundreds of brothers united waiting for victory ”.

This first weekend participated the schools República Argentina, Ramírez Goyena, Filemón Rivera, Azul and Blanco República de Venezuela, Manuel Olivares, Esquipulas, Miguel Bonilla, September 14.

Every weekend there will be competitions and playoffs; On Saturday there will be the competitions and on Sunday, the first five places will be awarded at the end of the day.

The finalists in the male branch were: Manuel Olivares third place, September 14 second place and Ramírez Goyena first place.

The finalist teams in the female branch were: Guardabarranco third place, Miguel Bonilla second place, the Colegio de la Anunciación in first place.

Julieta Hernández, 16 years old, is in the fifth year of high school and expressed that volleyball not only means competing, but also working as a team for a common goal.

"I am passionate about playing volleyball, but competing for my school and getting trophies for us is priceless."

In the first day of school beach volleyball, 86 students participated in teams of three, next weekend high school students from private schools will participate and April 20 and 21 will be the meeting between the universities.

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