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Strategic Plan on Disaster Risk Management for Sustainability and Development of Managua presented

Committed to guaranteeing a better quality of life for families in the capital, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power presented the Strategic Plan in Disaster Risk Management for Sustainability and Development of Managua, which aims to implement actions for the creation of a safer and more resilient city, in the face of disaster risks and the effects of climate change.

This plan was presented by comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of Managua, who announced that this plan began to be developed in August 2016, with studies that predate 10 years, as part of an institutional effort that has Directed by Good Governance, where natural risks are identified through maps of seismic risk, volcanic hazards, as well as threats due to landslides and floods and the location of critical points in the capital, which through actions and works mitigation measures have been reducing from 130 to 59 critical points that currently exist.

Likewise, he expressed that in this plan he has been working on different strategies for its execution, such as the implementation of the regulatory framework, in which there are regulations, fines and land use permits; educational preparation and response actions; as well as community organization, which has been a primary and essential pillar to be able to assume and address risks in the first place.

Likewise, he announced that the thematic axes on which the plan is based are institutional strengthening, knowledge of disaster risk and the effects of climate change, disaster risk reduction and adaptation, as well as preparation, response and recovery.

He explained that the 7 specific objectives of the strategic plan are: the strengthening of institutional development in technical and scientific research, for the continuous improvement of capacities; strengthen the development of a risk management culture through formal, non-formal and informal education, taking into account the participation of the different actors; access and use of information to address these issues of threat, vulnerability, as well as risks and effects of climate change, including records and analysis of historical events, in order to guide actions and decision-making; develop effective threat monitoring and early warning systems; implement actions for risk reduction and adaptation to climate change, guaranteeing the management and treatment of basic infrastructure and human settlements; the strengthening of the preparation, response and recovery processes; and propose new mechanisms for urban resilience in risk management.

The presentation was closed by comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, who pointed out that this plan is the result of the high sensitivity of the Good Government in coordination with the municipality, to guarantee a safe city, friendly in all aspects, that provides security and emotional stability to capital families; Likewise, it was announced that this effort is part of the current Urban Development Master Plan of the Municipality of Managua.

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