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City Hall receives Annual Report from the Army

The Nicaraguan Army General Staff made an official visit to the new authorities of the Municipality to deliver the Annual Work Report of the Nicaraguan Army, which summarizes the work and services provided to the country during 2017, the report highlights the work in 17 areas of great importance to the nation.

Mayor Reyna Rueda, expressed to the Generals of the General Staff, the importance of the articulated work between both institutions, which permanently guarantees the success of all projects.

“We are very grateful for the support that our brothers in the army have given us in each of the tasks and jobs that we carry out as a function of citizenship, the articulated work gave us resounding success in the past Central American Games, the army also It supports us in the defense and protection of the environment, in the days of protection of the aquifer and most importantly, we see the Army guaranteeing national security throughout the country, thanks to the work of this great family we can live in peace and harmony " .

The Inspector General of the Nicaraguan Army, Major General Marvin Elías Corrales, accompanied by the General Staff and representing General in Chief Julio César Avilés, explained that the institution's service can be seen reflected in the peaceful environment in which Nicaraguans live. .

“The memory addresses different issues of national interest that have to do with citizen security, support for the population; The fundamental idea is that the work of the Army in relation to Nicaragua is known, our country has the happiness that it does not have gangs, it does not have a gang, or cartels, we are a country that enjoys great security ”.

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, on behalf of the entire work team of the Municipality thanked the ties of friendship between both institutions and highlighted the preponderant role of the Army's ties of cooperation and solidarity, in the most difficult moments they have been key to helping the citizenship.

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