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Council generally approves the Master Plan for Urban Development of Managua

In the Ordinary Session number 2 of the Municipal Council, the Master Plan for the Urban Development of Managua was generally approved, which was presented by comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power.

In this presentation, comrade Fidel Moreno said that this Master Plan was prepared in conjunction with the Japanese cooperation, taking into account the results of a wide consultation carried out with the different sectors of the capital city; which contemplates all the plans that must be developed as part of the continuity of this very important effort.

Also in this session, comrade Fidel Moreno pointed out that this plan is based on a sustainable, orderly, safe city with opportunities for all; through proposed strategies of urban structure, urban planning, implementation of land use planning policies and conservation areas, as well as the implementation of mobility and transportation plans.

Also, at another point in this session, the municipal resolution to support the activities of the major week was presented and approved; in which it is established to give full support to all traditional and religious activities carried out in the municipality; also, ensure free access to all public centers, beaches, recreational centers and public spaces; facilitate the right of all Nicaraguans to carry out their economic activities, guaranteeing that merchants and self-employed workers can carry out their sales and trade activities without any restriction.

Likewise, in said resolution, it was established not to charge self-employed workers a fee for the use of public spaces and the Municipal Mayor's Office will ensure that they have free access to public centers, beaches and recreational spaces where they can carry out their economic activities with peace of mind. and for free; in addition, the capital city, will promote a plan of procedures and permits for the authorization of the undertakings that are developed this season.

In this session, the Managua Council appointed councilors Mery Francis Rivas, Jorge Javier Romero and Siorman José Asencio Acuña, to form part of the board of directors of the Municipal Company of Sports Facilities and Promotions.

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