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School Swimming Festival culminates with success

With a large participation of children and adolescents, the school swimming festival culminated in the Michelle Richardson Olympic swimming pools.

This festival was developed in 2 days of competitions, in which 608 students from 51 public and private schools of the municipality of Managua participated; 34 Gold medals, 34 Silver medals and 34 Bronze medals were awarded in the event, as well as 2 medals for fourth place and 2 medals for fifth place.

On the second day of competitions, the first 5 places were awarded; Gold went to the girl Sonya Espinoza from the Christian Emmanuel school, the Silver medal for Génesis Espinoza from the Latin American school and the Bronze went to Sherlyn Romero from the Immaculate Technical Technological Institute, likewise, Ileam Chávez and Valery Rojas, won the fourth and fifth place of the Hugo Chávez and Los Quinchos schools respectively.

In the men's competition, José Bismarck Flores from the Salomón Ibarra school won the Gold, Luis Estrada from the Hugo Chávez school, won the Silver medal and the Bronze was reached by Jonathan José Jirón from the Filemón Rivera school; likewise, the fourth and fifth place were obtained by Yader Flores and Swenson Sálomon from the Azul and Blanco schools and the 14 de Septiembre institute respectively.

This event was chaired by the Olympic champion Michelle Richardson, who urged the competitors to fight for their dreams and take advantage of the opportunities offered by these new sports infrastructures; He also congratulated the organization of the swimming festival, which coordinated a good activity.

For his part, fellow Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, said that these activities will be constantly developed to promote the sport.

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