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Final stage of construction of the Sabana Grande track concludes

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua completed the third and last stage of the construction of the Sabana Grande Track that extends from Las 4 Esquinas of the Esquipulas Comarca of District 5, to the crossing of the rails in Sabana Grande of District 7.

This work for the common good was inaugurated by comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who said that this is an important artery of the capital, because it contributes to the connectivity of the north highway with the highway to Masaya, passing through a 70-block corridor. , which extends from the 4 corners of Esquipulas to the Comarca Sabana Grande, in addition to that this road can be connected with Villa Dignidad, Ciudad Belén, until it reaches the north highway.

Similarly, he explained that the inauguration took place in the third stage of construction of the new track, which has a scope of 17 blocks of hydraulic concrete with 4 lanes, 2 in each direction of the road, passing through the sectors of Campo de Golf Country Club, Las 4 Esquinas, Las Ramadas; He also highlighted that the design of the track allows the circulation of heavy and light vehicles, pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes; with an investment of 37 million, 406 thousand 501 Córdobas, financed with own funds.

With these 17 new blocks, the Sabana Grande Track has a length of 70 blocks of road network, which the Municipal Government began to build in 2014 with funds donated by the brother town of Japan, in the first stage 17 blocks plus 36 blocks in the second phase, which took place in 2015. He also highlighted that the new track has its public lighting system and all the necessary drainage works, such as the construction of gutters, curbs and fords.

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