Campaign for the proper use of water begins

The campaign "Our vital liquid" began with the house-to-house awareness days in the Waspán Sur neighborhood of District VI, the objective of the campaign is to promote the responsible use of water and is part of the Summer Plan 2018 "Managua linda Managua", organized by the Mayor's Office of Managua.

The objective of the campaign is to promote public responsibility in the use of this important and indispensable resource for human life.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas explained that the work of raising awareness among families will be carried out through an action plan in which young people from the Guardabarranco Environmental Movement, Family, Health and Life Cabinets of the neighborhoods and the Environmental Management Units will participate. from each of the districts to take the campaign home to home throughout the capital, since in the summer season the inhabitants abuse the use of water.

“We have to work together to preserve water sources, we must avoid wasting water both at home and in businesses or work centers, on our own, whether they are workshops or car washes, we must not abuse irrigation with the hose Let's remember that there are hundreds of families who live in the upper areas of the capital and because of the height the water does not reach them ”.

Dennis Mena, Coordinator of the Guardabarranco group in District VI, explained that the campaign will be permanent until the arrival of winter.

We are going to promote the care of water, this implies a responsible use, to avoid waste and contamination of drinking water sources, with household garbage that we produce in our homes.

The educational campaign on the care and use of water, is promoted simultaneously with the campaign against the prevention of the burning of garbage and fires in Managua, both will be in force until the summer passes and the levels of the aquifer are recovered and the intensity of water drops. winds that can spread fires.

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