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First Information Council to present municipal management report for the year 2017

In the First Municipal Council of the year 2018, the management report of the year 2017 was presented, which achieved compliance with the 101% of the schedule for said period; in which 404 projects were executed for the construction, improvement of the urban equipment of the capital city.

The presentation was made by fellow Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who stressed that these achievements were possible due to the articulation that is maintained between the Good Government and the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, who join forces in the construction and transformation of the beautiful Managua, which all we want, for the future and well-being of the capital families.

In the report, it was announced that total income amounted to 5,412 Million 564 Thousand 404 Córdobas; of which 3,379 million 93 thousand 807 correspond to ordinary income, from the payment of taxes collected; and 2 Thousand 33 Million 470 Thousand 597 Córdobas from external sources, amount that was used for the execution of works and projects.

In 2017, the rehabilitation, construction and beautification of 60 public spaces was executed, such as parks, courts, squares and sports centers, with an investment of 1,501 Million 830,340 Córdobas, which were destined for different projects, among They include the construction of the new baseball stadium completed in 2017, the design and construction of the Alexis Argüello Sports Center, the Michele Richardson Swimming Pool complex, tennis courts and mechanical games in the first phase of the eighth stage of the Luis Park community complex. Alfonso Velásquez Flores, extreme games; as well as, the construction of the first phase of the fifth stage of Paseo Xolotlán.

In road projects, 3,340 blocks of streets were improved, including their reconstruction, expansion and maintenance, with an investment of 702 Million 86 Thousand 884 Córdobas; in the expansion of the road, 165 blocks of new streets were improved with hydraulic concrete and asphalt mix; In addition, 941 blocks were rebuilt through the plan for repairing and patching the streets.

Likewise, he reported that in rainwater drainage projects, 112 projects were carried out to protect the population and reduce the damage caused by rainwater in the capital; These works include the expansion of the network by 2,367 meters of pipeline, 932 meters of ford and gutters, 135 meters of tunnel box, construction of 128 visitor wells or manjoles; as well as the lining of 1,132 meters of riverbeds, the de-sanding of 21 micro-dams and the cleaning of 4,1705 drains, 20,643 meters of gutters and 897 visitor wells.

In programs and projects for human development, social, cultural and sports projects were promoted, with an investment of 120 million 486 thousand 159 Córdobas, through the ALMA Solidaria program, care was guaranteed to 10 thousand 175 older adults, through consultations medical, delivery of food packages, lenses and auxiliary means; With the program Barrio Limpio, Familia Saludable, 143 days were developed, promoting healthy habits and through recreational, sports and cultural activities, the participation of 27 thousand 740 protagonists was achieved; School environments were also rehabilitated in 8 schools in the municipality and the dignity of spaces in 5 health units began; Through the scholarship program, 368 youth and adults were benefited; Likewise, in the Adolescent House, 412 young and adolescent entrepreneurs were trained in different practical trades.

Cleaning and reforestation days were held, as well as awareness-raising and environmental education actions; In the services provided to the population, in the cleaning of the city, 474 thousand 277 tons of garbage were collected to guarantee a clean city and prevent diseases.

In this period also, the following plans were concluded: Master Plan for Urban Development of the Municipality of Managua, Revitalization Plan of the Traditional and Heritage Center of Managua, Disaster Risk Management Plan for Urban Resilience of Managua and the Plan Master of Management of Surface Runoff in the final stage of elaboration.

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