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Population approves the Juan Pablo II Track Rehabilitation Project

Complying with the Citizen Power model, comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua convened the first extraordinary consultative council of 2018, to present the project "Rehabilitation of the Juan Pablo II Track and Construction of Slope Crossings", which was applauded and approved by the capital's population.

The Mayor of the Citizen Power, Reyna Rueda, explained the scope of this project, which will have an extension of 9.55 kilometers of track, starting at the intersection of Kilometer 7 of the South highway to the traffic lights known as Plásticos Robelo on the North highway, where it will also 5 overpasses and 6 elevated pedestrian crossings will be built.

The track will have 2 track widths the first one, it will extend from the intersection known as 7 Sur to the Santo Domingo roundabout, it will be 60 meters and 10 lanes, with a section of 2 main bands each with 2 lanes for private vehicles and an exclusive lane for public transport, plus 2 marginal streets of 2 lanes; the second gauge will be 42 meters and will extend from the Santo Domingo roundabout to the traffic light intersection of Plásticos Robelo, which will have 8 lanes including public transport. He also informed that along the track cycle paths and pedestrian platforms will be built with security lines for the blind; as well as the hydrant network, sanitary sewer and drinking water network, underground lighting and communication system, traffic lights and road signs.

The 5 overpasses will be built at the intersections Rotonda el Periodista, ENEL Central, Rotonda Rubén Darío, Rotonda Santo Domingo and Plásticos Robelo; The pedestrian crossings with elevation will be located in the sectors: 7 Sur, Israel Lewites Market, El Zumen Shopping Center, Central American University, Metrocentro Shopping Center and El Edén neighborhood. Similarly, he indicated that the Eastern channel will be closed in a section of 2,190 meters and the Los Cuaresmas channel in 205 meters, which will remain as part of the rolling of the runway.

Likewise, he announced that the project will have an investment of 274.87 Million Dollars, of which 241.47 Million come from a loan from the International European Bank and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, with the support of the National Government and the approval of the National Assembly, plus 33.40 million that the Municipality will have; Therefore, he explained that the construction of this road is necessary because a volume of 47 thousand vehicles circulates daily and the vehicular and pedestrian circulation of the users of this road must be improved.

He explained that due to the magnitude of this project and to avoid delays to the population that daily moves through this road, it will be executed in 4 construction sections, the first will be from the 7 South intersection to the René Cisneros neighborhood; the second, from the René Cisneros neighborhood to the UCA; the third section will be from the UCA to the Riguero neighborhood bridge and the fourth construction segment will extend from the Riguero neighborhood bridge to Plásticos Robelo. In the same way, he indicated that this project includes a compensation plan for the population and commerce located in the track sector.

After the presentation made by the Mayor of the Citizen Power, the population expressed their support and approval of this project that will contribute to the integral development of the capital city; This was expressed by Mr. José García from the René Cisneros neighborhood, another who expressed his gratitude for the execution of these works was Mr. Rigoberto Estrada from the El Edén neighborhood.

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