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Fire days begin

The municipality started the days of environmental awareness in the Nejapa region, to avoid the burning of garbage and mountains, in this summer time when the winds increase in force. The conference is part of the 2018 summer plan and aims to prevent forest fires.

To carry out the preventive awareness days, the Environment and Urban Planning brigades, in conjunction with the Guardabarranco Environmental Movement, will visit the areas most prone to burning practices from house to house, as confirmed by Camilo Fonseca Sandino, Environment Director and Urbanism.

“Following the policies of the Central Government directed by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, we are initiating a campaign to prevent forest fires and promote the proper management of solid waste, especially in those places where the corresponding security measures are not taken, we are joining forces with the Guardabarranco Environmental Movement and Sinapred to guarantee that the campaign is successful ”.

The campaign will be in effect throughout the summer season and is aimed at communities where water is scarce and the height of the winds is the main enemy, it is also aimed at landowners that do not have any construction or perimeter fence, circumstances that people take the opportunity to litter or burn the bush.

Oscar Araica, coordinator of the Guardabarranco Environmental Movement, explained that the talks are given directly in the homes of the areas, to awaken awareness and sense of responsibility in families.

“Nuestro compromiso es llegar a cada una de las viviendas de la comarca para explicarle a la gente el riesgo de encender un fuego, la sequedad del monte, las ráfagas de vientos y la falta de agua, crea las condiciones para iniciar incendios forestales incontrolables”.[vc_images_carousel images=”11113,11114,11115,11116,11117,11118,11119,11120,11121,11122″ img_size=”large”]

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