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They install ossuary for native communities of Managua

As part of the commemoration of the 166th anniversary of Managua being elevated to the Capital of the Republic, the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power held a ceremony to install an Ossuary for the original communities of Managua.

The Ossuary was installed and located in the San Pedro National Pantheon, where the remains of 3 people from Managua are deposited, which were discovered in archaeological excavations, the first remains belong to a warrior woman from 800 AD and the other 2 , they were men from the year 300 before our Era.

This ceremony was presided over by comrade Enrique Armas, who announced that these remains were found in the area of Las Delicias, sector of the North Highway; Also, he made an account of the history of Managua, which was first named a Villa by the Spanish, then a City and in 1852 it was elevated to the Capital of the Nicaraguan Republic.

Comrade Clemente Guido, Director of Municipal Historical Heritage, also participated in this activity, who said that the Ossuary is sheltered in a sarcophagus with an artistic decoration of high relief, elaborated by the architect Federico Matus, which reflects the life of our ancestors who they lived in Managua; He also said that the bone remains discovered in the archaeological excavations in Managua will be deposited in this same place.

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