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Mayor of Managua in tribute to the 151st Anniversary of the Birth of Rubén Darío

With the placement of a wreath at the foot of the Monument of Rubén Darío Universal Poet of the Centuries that transcended its moment and its time, located in front of the Plaza de la Revolución, the Mayor's Office of Managua represented by fellow Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, rendered Tribute to the Prince of Castilian Letters on the 151st Anniversary of his Birth.

In addition, a cultural activity was held, a "Mano a mano" between the new generation of declaiming children and the Elderly, on the poetry of Rubén Darío with a social and political content from the father of Modernism.

The Deputy Mayor Armas Rosales, when placing the wreath in tribute to the great poet, stated that in coordination with the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity headed by President Commander Daniel Ortega and fellow Vice President Rosario Murillo, and the capital city municipality will pay tribute to Rubén Darío with different cultural activities during these days. Today, Thursday, January 18, starting at six in the afternoon, an artistic gala of musicalized poetry by Rubén Darío, in front of the Darío Monument in Central Park, dance and the participation of Ofilio Picón.

El próximo sábado en ciudad Darío, presentación del Grupo de declamación Coral Los Rubencitos, en la casa museo Rubén Darío, este mismo sábado en el Anfiteatro Tomás Borge, en Managua presentación del festival de poesía “Juventud Divino Tesoro” de jóvenes poetas capitalinos, a las cinco de la tarde, este mismo día a las cuatro de la tarde en el Parque Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores, presentación concurso de pintura y artes plásticas “Rubén Darío patria y amor”, el domingo 21 en el Paseo Xolotlán, presentación de la obra teatral puntos de Vida y Esperanza a las seis de la tarde, también estará la presentación del grupo literario del Adulto Mayor con poesías y bailes de tango, rumba, flamenco y la presentación del Grupo Coral de la Alcaldía de Managua que interpretará el Himno a Rubén Darío, entre otras actividades.[vc_images_carousel images=”10852,10853,10854,10855,10856,10857,10858,10859,10860,10861,10862,10863″ img_size=”large”]

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