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Las Piedrecitas overpass is 52 percent complete

The expansion and modernization of the Las Piedrecitas Overpass is 52 percent complete, while the 7 Sur overpass works are 3 percent complete. Both projects have an intervention area of 15 blocks and will be ready in the last quarter of the year. Las Piedrecitas in August and 7 Sur in September, as stated by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the works, in the company of the elected Mayor Reyna Rueda.

Moreno explained that the traffic studies reveal that the daily traffic flow at the intersections of Las Piedrecitas is 41,382 vehicles and in the South 7 56,595, so once the bridges are installed, vehicular traffic will be streamlined with shorter waiting times, to enter or leave the capital.

The Las Piedrecitas project is behind schedule due to a complete redesign of the storm drainage, sanitation and drinking water system, as the project was designed for the next 70 years.

“After the last analyzes, the decision was made that it was much better to replace all the existing pipeline, taking into account the scale of the work and that subsequent maintenance was going to be more complex, pipes with larger diameters and manufactured materials were installed than they withstand high pressures, to avoid leaks or ruptures ”.

At Las Piedrecitas there are three ramps completed and the fourth under development. The columns that will support both bridges have state-of-the-art anti-seismic technology.

“The 26 support points in the sections are already finished, the columns are ready and the seismic isolators are installed on the top, the super structure of the bridge is being manufactured outside the country, this weekend it begins to move, we hope that at the beginning of February the bridge can be placed ”.

The expansion of the roads in both projects affects 200 properties and the commune already has agreements with most of those affected.

"We have a little more than 200 properties affected with different levels of affectation, we have reached agreements with 191 owners, and we need very specific cases which are under review and we hope to reach agreements in the coming days."

Reyna Rueda, Mayor elected for the 2018-2021 period, explained that the modernization of the road network not only improves the face of the capital, but also improves the living conditions of Nicaraguan families.

"The modernization of these two intersections not only changes the face of the capital, they also create jobs, promote development in the local economy, benefiting many capital families, in the same way, they will improve traffic flow. The only thing we ask of the residents is a little patience and understanding, because this type of works, due to their magnitude, generate certain inconveniences, which are necessary for modernization to arrive, they are bridges that will have state-of-the-art technology ”.

The 7 Sur bridge to be built will have a length of 404 linear meters and a height of 7.5 meters, a width of 10 meters, with 20 seismic isolators.

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