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Last Ordinary Session of Municipal Government 2013-2017

The Managua Council for the 2013-2017 period held its last ordinary session of this Municipal Government headed by the Mayor, comrade Daysi Torres and comrade Deputy Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, where the executive report of last year 2017 was presented.

In this period, the total income reached was 5 thousand 412 million 564 thousand cordobas, while the total expenses reached the amount of 5 thousand 479 million 352 thousand cordobas; 4 thousand 71 million 354 thousand cordobas were invested in Capital Expenses, which means 74 percent, and Current Expenses were 1,398 million 997 thousand cordobas, which represents 26 percent.

It should be noted that with these economic resources 404 works were executed, of these 400 were with own resources and four with external resources.

The prioritized works were aimed at improving the infrastructure of the road network, storm drainage, urban equipment, improvements to the environment and investment for Human Development, with an annual investment of more than two billion cordobas.

Among the emblematic works built, the New National Baseball Stadium stands out, Dennis Martínez, support for the Central American Games 2017, construction of the Alexis Argüello Sports Center, Michelle Richardson swimming pool complex, community complex Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Eighth Stage, construction of the Paseo Complex Xolotlán, V Stage of the Divine Mercy Natural Park, among others. It also highlights the works carried out in road infrastructure and storm drainage in different sectors of all the Districts of the capital.

In this same session, the Transfer Report and Municipal Management Report for the period 2013-2017 were also presented.

Mayor Daysi Torres stated that according to her criteria, the best project executed in this period of government was the execution of the Acahualinca Comprehensive Development Project, executed with the cooperation of the Government and the people of Spain.

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