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Managua Council approves Second Reform to the Municipal General Budget

The Managua Council approved unanimously by the three political benches that comprise it, the second modification to the General Budget of Income and Expenditure of the capital city with its Annual Investment Plan (PIA) for the year 2017, the new budget amount is 5,000 466 million 895 thousand 213 córdobas, the increase was 276 million 250 thousand córdobas.

It should be noted that of the total income and expenses, 77 percent will be for capital expenditures and the remaining 23 percent for current expenses.

The works to be carried out are the construction of the Aquatic Center with an investment of 68.2 million córdobas, construction of complementary works in the new Dennis Martínez National Baseball Stadium with an investment of 25.2 million córdobas, complementary works in the community complex Parque Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores with an investment of 19.6 million córdobas, support for the Central American Games, 61 million córdobas will be allocated and for the works and improvements in the Loma de Tiscapa park, 15 million córdobas will be invested, among others.

The councilors also unanimously approved to authorize the Mayor, comrade Daysi Torres, to manage a loan with the Bank of Production BANPRO, for the amount of six million 11 thousand 178 dollars.

This loan application was previously approved by the citizens of the capital who attended the Second Extraordinary Municipal Council.

It should be noted that these responsibilities acquired by this municipal government were made known to the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development, INIFOM.

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