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Christmas fair in the Carlos Roberto Huembes market

This Friday, November 24, the Christmas season began at the Carlos Roberto Huembes market, which was inaugurated with the "2017 Christmas Fair, Victory Times", which had the participation of all the merchants of this municipal shopping center.

The Christmas fair at the Carlos Roberto Huembes market took place in 8 points of this shopping center, where merchants offered their products at solidarity prices and arranged their stalls with themes alluding to Christmas; In addition, young people from the Leonel Rugama cultural movement supported with clowns, painted faces and burst piñatas; HIV tests and vaccinations against tetanus and pneumococci were also carried out.

This activity was chaired by colleague Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who made a tour of the 8 market fair points to greet and share with the buyers and merchants of this capital market.

The tour began in the area of the banks, later they walked to the footwear sector, the Chilamate, the bay, the COTRAN, the dining rooms and the flower sale area.

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