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Nicaragua prepares the final details for the opening of the XI Central American Games

The organizing committee of the Central American Games is preparing the final details for the celebration of the XI Central American Games. The President of the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee, Emmett Lang, confirmed that the games will be held in 25 sports venues located in Granada, Estelí, San Juan del Sur and Managua, of these 25 venues, in 22 the entry will be totally free.

The 2017 Central American Games are the most important event in the history of Nicaraguan sport and the only places that admission will be charged and for maintenance reasons is at the Dennis Martínez National Baseball Stadium, the Alexis Argüello Sports Center and the Swimming Pool Complex. .

The president of the organizing committee of the games, Emmet Lang, confirmed that there are 28 disciplines that will be held, the game calendar is ready and the 17 hotels with 1,500 rooms to receive the competitors who will arrive in the country.

“There are almost 5,000 thousand people who will arrive in the country, 17 hotels, 1,500 rooms are already ready, and both in the hotels and in the sports venues, there will be a permanent medical post, each of the delegations has its transport units ready and there are 2,336 volunteers trained to be the hostesses of the different delegations ”.

The General Coordinator of the Central American Games Commission, Fidel Moreno, reiterated that all sports facilities will be ready in a timely manner.

“With the talent and effort of the architects, engineers, workers and all the personnel who work to build and adapt the scenarios, we have the full certainty and conviction that the facilities will be ready, there are almost 12 thousand people who are working among volunteers, police, workers from the Ministry of Health, the Interior and Customs, to ensure that the games are a success ”.

At the Alexis Argüello sports center, basketball, volleyball and swimming competitions will be held, at the Dennis Martínez baseball stadium, while at the IND, athletics, handball, fencing, futsal, table tennis, among others will be held. , and in the gym of Nicarao boxing.

While the rowing and surfing competitions will be in Granada and San Juan del Sur.

On December 3, Nicaragua will be represented by 800 athletes, on the opening day there will be 10 rhythmic bands from public schools in charge of the opening parade, the prices to enter to see the competitions in the three stages that the entrance will be charged, oscillate from C$30, 50, 100, 200 and 500 cordobas.

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