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Alexis Argüello Sports Center almost ready for its inauguration

The Alexis Argüello Sports Center and the Swimming Pool Complex that is being built for the XI Central American Games to be held in our country, are almost ready.

Eleven days after its inauguration, the mega sports infrastructure is 98 percent complete, as confirmed by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, together with representatives of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and international television channels.

The gray work of the 25 meter high building is ready and is in the final details.

“The sports center is 98 percent complete, it is practically finished, at the moment we are working on the final details and cleaning tasks, we have a little more than 850 workers giving their best effort; This sports center is our tribute to the three-time World Champion Alexis Argüello and it is a reflection of the tenacity of a people ”, he said.

Moreno explained that simultaneously the municipality carries out work 24 hours a day, without cuts, in three 8-hour shifts to build the Pool Complex, which are 85 percent complete.

"The pool complex is 85 percent complete with a cost of 5.6 million dollars, its main component is technology since both pools have the standards required by the International Swimming Federation."

Moreno explained that the two pools will be one 50 by 50 meters, this being the largest it will be for competition and the smallest, it is 25 by 50 meters, it will be for heating.

“Both will have a heating system, which levels the water temperature, which cannot exceed 28 degrees, their walls are tactile, in such a way that when the competitors touch the wall, the timer will stop and the pumping system it has a capacity to filter 3.7 million liters of water ”.

Swimming competitions can be seen by at least 800 spectators seated in the stands.

The area where the Alexis Arguello sports center will be, the complex of swimming pools and modern children's games, will be known as Parque Luis Alfonso Velásquez 2.

WBO representative Dr. Francisco Valcárcel, extended his congratulations to the people and government of Nicaragua for the projects carried out for the XI Central American games.

“I had no idea how much effort they were going to put into this great work. My congratulations to the Nicaraguan people and to the Government of Commander Ortega, and to the Mayor's Office who have joined efforts to make this possible, I thought that I would find something simple, but when I see this work at the level of the first world, I am surprised. This gym has nothing to envy to Australia, London, Las Vegas and we have thought with TUTO Zabala to create a large billboard that will show the entire world the Alexis Argüello sports center and to pay tribute to the Nicaraguan people, we are going to include Nicaraguan boxers " Valcárcel said.

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