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Consultative Council in District 3 of Managua

Residents of the neighborhoods and regions of District 3 of Managua, met in the district council to consult the Preliminary Draft of the Municipal General Budget for the year 2018, which is projected at 6,609 million 814,517 Córdobas at the municipal level.

In this consultative council, the district proposal was presented, which was built within the Citizen Power model, in which residents of the 73 neighborhoods and 31 districts of District 3 participated.

The Preliminary Draft of the Municipal Budget for the year 2018, estimates to execute 19 projects in District 3 with an investment amount of 29 Million Cordobas; in addition to the execution of projects from the direction of infrastructure, environment and human development.

Among the projects to be executed in District 3 of the capital with the investment of 29 Million Cordobas, the construction of ramps in the Pochocuape and San José de la Cañada regions, improvement of drainage in the Santa Isabel II neighborhood stage, construction of bridge cash in the Los Rugamas region and road improvement works in the Santa Ana and Recreo Sur neighborhoods.

In this capital district, road improvement works will also be carried out in the Héroes and Mártires de Ayapal, Mirna Ugarte, Camilo Ortega, Buena Vista, San Patricio, William Galeano and Luis Alfonso neighborhoods, as well as maintenance in 17 community parks.

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