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Building authorities present the Draft Budget in the Consultative Council of District 2

In the advisory council of District 2, the building authorities presented the preliminary draft of the municipal general budget for the year 2018, which contemplates a projected amount of 6,609 million 814,517 Córdobas.

In this preliminary draft of the budget, District 2 has an investment of 563 Million 136 Thousand 649 Cordobas, of which the 5,58% correspond to Current Expenses and the remaining 94,42% to Capital Expenditures, quantifiable in 531 Million 738 Thousand 326 Cordobas , which will be used for the execution of infrastructure, environmental and human development projects and programs.

Among the projects proposed to be executed in 2018, there are 36 projects from the Infrastructure Directorate, 15 from the District Delegation and 8 environmental projects, in addition to 33 human development projects, which are expected to be executed, through the directorates of Women and Family; Culture and Municipal Historical Heritage, as well as Social Programs and Sports.

Among the projects carried out by the Infrastructure Directorate are the improvement of the roads at the Las Piedrecitas and 7 Sur intersections, the construction of the third stage of Paseo Xolotlán and the construction of the Las Piedrecitas Park; on the part of the District Delegation, it is planned to execute the construction of new streets with hydraulic concrete in the Cooprenic, Oscar Ramírez and Santa Ana neighborhoods; as well as mitigation works with the construction of retaining walls and gabions in the Juan Emilio Menocal, Linda Vista and Carlos Núñez neighborhoods.

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