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25% of advance leads the construction of the sections in sector 3 of the Eastern market

Through a supervision tour, building authorities verified the 25% of progress in the construction of the new gallery in zone 3 of the Eastern market, which is being rebuilt after its destruction by a fire that occurred months before.

The construction of this new galley is in its foundry stage, where the foundations, columns and beams that will support said structure are built; This commercial area will have 2 floors and will have 300 sections.

Likewise, it was announced that this new shed is built with the required security measures in the event of an earthquake or fire and without affecting the daily work of the merchants in the area, so the entry of construction materials is carried out in hours of the night.

For their part, the merchants were happy with the construction work carried out by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, as stated by the merchant Jorge González; Another who expressed his satisfaction with the work was the merchant Augusto Rivera, who said that this new gallery will be like a modern commercial plaza located in the heart of the Oriental market of Managua.

This capital market has a land area of 140 blocks, where it is estimated that there are 20 thousand merchants, including fixed, occasional and itinerant.

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