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Construction of the Las Piedrecitas Overpass is 38 percent complete

The construction of the Las Piedrecitas Overpass is 38 percent complete and when it is ready it will join three essential tracks such as the Old Highway to León, the South Highway and the new Highway to León.

The municipality aims to finish the project in December, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, among the scopes you can already see the access ramps and the foundations that will support the bridges are almost ready.

“You can already see the entrance ramps of the bridges, 3 of them visible that are practically finished and another two with more than 60 percent progress, while there are works that are not seen because they are below the ground such as It is the drainage system, drinking water, the bridges will have 15 support points, of which 13 are ready and in 10 days the two that are left will be completed ”.

The Secretary General explained that the steel structures that will form the bridge are being elaborated outside the country, of which one part is already on the way and the other is still being elaborated.

"The rolling ramp that will join the two bridges, is a steel superstructure and is being elaborated outside the country, we hope that in 6 or 8 weeks the entire structure in the country will be ready to be installed."

250 people work on the project and it is estimated that in three weeks work will begin on 7 Sur, since details are currently being defined in the project, which depend on the soil study.

"In the case of 7 Sur, the soil impact is highly significant for a work of this magnitude, so we are specifying the geotectonics, this is important for the costs and times of the project, we are making some adjustments, this work has a period of construction from 5 to 6 months and we hope to start in two weeks ”.

The road works, in addition to improving waiting times and vehicular circulation, change the face of the capital, as expressed by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas.

"These are important works because they are changing the city, they are beautifying it, this year is transcendental for the development of the capital, because these projects activate the economy, industry and commerce, around 48 thousand vehicles circulate around here and three converge important corridors, there are hundreds of residents of the capital who will benefit from these two overpasses ”.

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