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Managua Mayor's Office renovates the capital's cemeteries

Mayor of Managua, colleague Daysi Torres, made a supervisory tour of the General Cemetery, where the capital city municipality carries out renovation works on the eve of the Day of the Faithful Dead.

Among the works carried out by 20 municipal workers is chopping of trees, cleaning of brush in streets and alleys of the cemetery, painting of gutters, among other works.

Mayor Torres Bosques stated that before November 2, the Cemetery will be completely painted with a colonial color.

He also affirmed that on the day of the faithful departed, four masses will be celebrated. The first will be at eight in the morning; the second at noon; the third at two in the afternoon and the last at four in the afternoon.

The cemetery will be guarded by officers of the National Police, members of the Red Cross and Firefighters, in addition there will be a health post equipped by doctors and nurses who will be there to attend to visitors who require it.

This cemetery is closed for the acquisition of new land, burials can only be made in graves or previously acquired lots.

The cemetery has an area of 38 blocks, with 85 thousand lots in which 2.5 million deceased are buried and was declared a Historical Heritage of the capital by the Municipal Council in 2006.

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