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Mayor presents Draft Budget 2018

A total of 6 thousand 609 million 814 thousand 517 córdobas, is the proposal of the Preliminary Draft of the General Budget of Income and Expenditure of the Capital Municipality for next year 2018, which was presented by the Mayor of Managua, comrade Daysi Torres before the plenary session of the Municipal Council .

It should be noted that Total Expenses amount to 6 thousand 609 million 814 thousand 517 córdobas; of these in Capital Expenditures 5 thousand 212 million 963 thousand 173 cordobas will be allocated, which represents 79 percent; While Current Expenses are estimated at 1,396 million 851 thousand 344 córdobas, which represents 21 percent.

With this budget, 409 projects will be executed in the seven districts of the capital.

The Works Execution Plan amounts to 3,577 million 628 thousand 506 córdobas. In maintenance of works, it is programmed in 474 million 246 thousand 367 cordobas, while for the execution of the Annual Investment Plan (PIA), 2 thousand 949 million 048 thousand 367 cordobas are destined.

For Human Development projects are allocated: in Culture and Historical Heritage 10 million 052 thousand 334 córdobas, for the direction of Women and the Family one million 800 thousand córdobas, for the direction of Social Programs 51 million 353 thousand 659 córdobas and for the Directorate of Sports 39 million 592 thousand 539 córdobas.

The Budget for the Municipal Corporation of Markets of Managua (COMMEMA) 127 million 042 thousand 384 córdobas are programmed.

The Municipal Company for the Integral Treatment of Solid Waste (EMTRIDES), 101 million 874 thousand 916 córdobas are programmed.

For IRTRAMMA, the budget will be 35 million 276 thousand 600 córdobas.

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