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Providing support to families in the face of the yellow emergency

As part of the activation of the disaster alert system, building authorities visited and accompanied the families affected by the rain this Thursday, October 5, in different parts of the capital.

The authorities of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, explained that this Thursday, the effects were caused by the fall of 52 trees throughout the municipality, due to a gust of wind that was registered at 8:00 at night, for a period of 10 to 15 minutes and helped by the humidity of the soil.

The fall of these trees caused damage to 4 homes, located in the Adolfo Reyes neighborhoods of District 5, Camino del Río District 7, Hugo Chávez District 6 and in the Cedro Galán region of District 3, where the building authorities provided support to the families affected, who expressed their gratitude to the Good Government, for the immediate attention to their needs, as expressed by the young Yorleni Salazar, to whom the branches of a tree destroyed her home located in the sector of kilometer 12 of the Old to León highway. .

Likewise, this climatic phenomenon caused damage to the electrical system, to the telecommunications lines and obstructed some roads, so emergency bodies and more than 1 thousand municipal collaborators set out to prune trees and clean the roads to restore circulation. .

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