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National Stadium presents its Fan Club Membership and box office prices

The new national stadium "Dennis Martínez" opened its doors to the sports chronicle to present and offer the Fan Club Membership to all Nicaraguan fans.

At a press conference chaired by the Ambassador of China Taiwan, Nemesio Porras, President of FENIBA and Carlos Galán, General Manager of todotiket.com

In the opening game between Nicaragua and China Taiwan, 40 players from all over the country will participate, there will be no cut in the selection, as confirmed by Nemesio Porras, President of Feniba.

“I feel excited to see this dream come true. I have no words to describe our gratitude to our Government, our President and our Vice President for this jewel, for this gift to all Nicaraguans, this is how the 40 players from all over the country will feel. he will have the honor of playing for the China Taiwan team. "

The Ambassador of China Taiwan, Mr. Jaime Wu, after a tour of the facilities of the new stadium, expressed feeling proud and grateful to the Nicaraguan people for inviting them to the friendly game, with which the sports colossus will open its doors to the entire Nicaraguan public.

“Congratulations to the Nicaraguan people, congratulations to Commander Daniel Ortega, to Vice President Rosario Murillo, for building an impressive first world stadium for the people of Nicaragua, at the level of the major leagues, it is impressive and this stadium is a testament to the Nicaraguan spirit and Nicaraguan will ”.

Tickets to attend the games can be bought online, in this way long lines and resales of tickets will be avoided, in the stadium there will be four scanners where fans can only present their cell phone in front of the scanner, know what their location will be. .

Tickets will be sold online from anywhere in the country, they are digital tickets and prices range from 60 cordobas, 150, 300, 600 to 900 cordobas depending on the area they choose to watch the game.

The Fan Club membership is valid for one year and will allow members to see more than 200 games that include 20 games of the major selection, professional league, Pomares and Central American Games, membership prices range from $ 400 to $ 850.

Tickets for the inaugural game will be on sale starting October 5 online and at the stadium itself. The games will start at 6:00 in the afternoon.

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