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District I and III affected by rain

The heavy downpour that fell on the capital this Thursday afternoon, caused damage in targeted areas, the largest volume of water fell in the Los Gauchos micro-basin, affecting neighborhoods Hialeah, Jonathan González and the entire sector located by Mabale, as reported the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, on a tour of the affected sites.

“The different stations that we have in the city report that the largest volume of water fell on Hialeah, there we have 29 flooded homes, almost 100 millimeters of water that fell in this area, while in the rest of the city they reached 40 millimeters of water, this caused the Los Gauchos watershed to receive the greatest damage, ”said Moreno.

He explained that another of the affected sectors was the Mabale sector in front of Price Smart where there were damages in the commerce of the area and in 50 vehicles.

Moreno explained that one of the solutions so that this does not happen again is to build the Tiscapa interceptor channel.

"This rain is a warning bell, the solution would be to build the Tiscapa interceptor channel, which would be the major drainage and this would allow Tiscapa to be saved, the water drained properly and to build secondary drains."

The Gauchos micro-basin is 4 or 5 kilometers long and when it overflows it affects the United Nations track, the Persian Gulf, Hialeah, and Los Serranos neighborhoods, among others.

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