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Delivery of musical instruments to Symphony Orchestras of districts 1 and 5 of Managua

As part of the support for national art and in greeting to the first centenary of the birth of Don Camilo Zapata, Father of Son Nica; The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua delivered 2 sets of musical instruments for the student symphony orchestras of districts 1 and 5 of the capital city.

These student symphony orchestras will be made up of students from the schools of the different districts, with the aim of promoting art and national culture, as well as strengthening comprehensive education in the new generations. The ceremony for the delivery of these musical instruments was chaired by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, comrade Ramón Rodríguez, Director of the Rubén Darío National Theater, professors Aura Real and Francis Hamon, district delegates of the Ministry of Education, as well as, Professor Sergio Mercado, departmental delegate of the MINED.

For his part, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, said that this delivery of the instrument is a confirmation of the support of the Good Government led by Commander Daniel and comrade Rosario Murillo, for the art and education of Nicaraguan children and youth, which guarantees the integral development of the new generations.

Likewise, he announced that among the instruments delivered to make up the symphonic orchestra, there are trombones, violins, drums, transverse flutes, trumpets, French horns and double basses; where an investment of 1 Million 100 Thousand Córdobas was made. It is important to note that the Good Government will in the first stage make up 25 municipal orchestras in the departments of Managua, Masaya, Granada, Carazo, Rivas, Estelí, Chontales, Matagalpa, León, Chinandega, Jinotega, Río San Juan and the North and South Caribbean Coast. .

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