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Managua Mayor's Office and MTI inaugurate construction of Monte Fresco bridge

The Mayor's Office of Managua, in coordination with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI), inaugurated the construction of the Monte Fresco vehicular bridge, on the Pan-American Highway between the municipalities of Managua and Tipitapa.

This bridge is 15.42 meters long and 35 meters wide, it also includes the construction of complementary rain drainage works, in addition to road safety works such as pedestrian platforms and bicycle paths, 90 million cordobas from the national treasury were invested.

The new progress work guarantees international and national vehicular traffic, in addition to avoiding the floods that six neighborhoods near the bridge suffered in winter, including: Monte Fresco, Santa Elena, Alexis Argüello, Los Chagüites, Daniel Ortega and Renacer, and Most importantly, the critical flood point that attempted to cut off the Panamericana Norte international highway was eliminated.

The work was inaugurated and delivered to the population by the Mayor of the capital, comrade Daysi Torres and the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, MTI, retired general Oscar Mojica, accompanied by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Reyna Juanita Rueda and the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas The latter are current candidates for Mayor and Vice Mayor respectively for the Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN.

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