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Mayor of Managua reports on the second quarter of the year

The Mayor of Managua, comrade Daysi Torres, informed the citizens of the capital about the scope of her building administration through the Third Ordinary Municipal Council, corresponding to the months of April, May and June of this year.

The report highlighted the conclusion of the preparation of the Master Plan for Urban Development of the Capital, which was executed with the technical and financial collaboration of the Government and people of Japan.

Also the Disaster Risk Management Plan for the urban residence of Managua, with technical support from the World Bank, and the Revitalization Plan for the Historic and Heritage Center with technical and financial assistance from the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB.

According to the financial report, it stated that in this second quarter the commune received total income of 1,369 million 235 thousand 337 córdobas, while Total Expenses amounted to 1 thousand 375 million 981 thousand 335 córdobas.

With this capital, 217 projects were executed, with an investment of 416 million 851 thousand 848 córdobas.

In urban equipment, 30 projects were carried out, mainly parks and squares in the different neighborhoods of the capital, with an investment of 137 million 11 thousand 207 córdobas.

In support of the Central American Games, which includes the following works: "Alexis Argüello" multipurpose sports center, construction of an aquatic center and fountain, as well as complementary works in the "Hugo Chávez" Sports Complex. Also the reconstruction of modules in the Oriental Market, as well as the construction of the eighth stage of the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park, the New National Baseball Stadium, “La Divina Misericordia” natural park, among others.

With regard to roads, the infrastructure was improved in 346 blocks in different neighborhoods and regions, of these, 287 blocks were rebuilt with patching, surfacing and cobblestones, and the construction of 59 new streets with hydraulic concrete; with an investment of 183 million 911 thousand 398 córdobas.

While in the rainwater drainage infrastructure, new projects were executed, and the entire infrastructure was maintained with an investment of 41 million 888 591 córdobas.

In Investment for Human Development, 40 million 146 thousand 715 córdobas were allocated, in the Alma Solidaria Program two thousand 509 older adults and disabled people were attended, in educational programs 72 scholarships were awarded.

To preserve the environment, 13 million 893 thousand 936 córdobas were invested.

In cleaning the city, 128,103 tons of garbage were collected with an investment of 29 million 471 thousand 239 córdobas.

The Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Company processed 7,825 tons of waste and sold 468 tons of recyclable material.

In the Civil Registry, 34,516 people were attended and income was obtained in the amount of 2 million 188 thousand córdobas.

The Regulatory Institute of Transportation of the Municipality of Managua (IRTRAMMA), revenues were 10 million 263 thousand 768 córdobas and expenses of 8 million 758 thousand 286 córdobas.

While the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua (COMMEMA), revenues were 25 million 29 thousand 356 córdobas and expenditures amounted to 27 million 965 thousand 966 córdobas.

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