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Mayor's Office presents the Municipal Urban Development Master Plan for the next 24 years

The municipality officially presented the Urban Development Master Plan that will make it possible to transform the capital into a more urban, more attractive, more sustainable, more equitable, more accessible, more active and resilient city.

Thanks to the Japanese Cooperation through the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA and with a study carried out for almost two years from today, the commune has a planning instrument to direct the growth of the city, in an orderly manner. towards a metropolitan model.

Among the proposals made by the Urban Development Master Plan are: a reorganization of the corridors of urban collective transport, the growth of the city instead of making it horizontal is vertical, this comes to promote a new project and concept of redevelopment of new residential areas with the construction of multi-family buildings, the rescue and promotion of the traditional historic center and the creation of financial and urban centers and sub-centers.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that the master plan is a planning instrument that will be carried out in several phases, the beginning of the first steps will be in 2018 and investment policies will be created to promote and encourage all sectors involved.

“Today all the actors have agreed on what is the objective we want to achieve, we all want a safer city with more efficient public transportation. Now we have to develop a series of specific plans and regulations aimed at promoting investment, there must be a lot of national public investment, private investment, municipal investment to achieve the objective we all want, ”Moreno said.

Among the main axes of the new urban planning of the capital are; develop the commercial area near the historic center of the municipality and along the Highway to Masaya, while the industrial areas will be developed around the airport and along the Pan-American Highway.

Mr. Hiroito Takata, JICA representative in Nicaragua, explained that the execution of the plan will depend on the National Government and the Municipal Government and that they would be willing to finance the construction of roads and the modernization of transportation.

"As a cooperation agency, our strategy is to work together with governments, once they request it and if we receive proposals, we could work on the construction of roads to modernize public transport," said Takata.

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