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Inhabitants of Colonia Morazán have lined streets

More than 1,900 inhabitants of the old Colonia Morazán have benefited from the coating of 500 linear meters, equivalent to 6.5 blocks, to which 3,580 square meters of hot asphalt was applied.

Previously these streets were completely deteriorated by time and constant vehicular use.

The inauguration of the work was carried out by the vice mayor of the capital, Enrique Armas Rosales, who stated that one of the orientations of President Daniel Ortega and companion Rosario Murillo to the municipality is to work on the repair of the tertiary communication routes of the capital, mainly in this sector to help decongest the traffic that circulates through the Siete Sur and Las Piedrecitas sectors, where a modern overpass bridge is currently being built. It should be noted that through here the population travels to Las Brisas and Los Arcos, Monseñor Lezcano, the Rafael Ríos neighborhoods and Cuba.

The municipal official said that one million 724 thousand córdobas was invested in this work, as a result of the taxes paid by the taxpayers of Managua.

Doña María Mercedes Aguinaga, with more than 50 years of living in the colony, said that these streets were destroyed and with the winter large puddles were made, today even the children go out to play in the streets, that is why we request that they put speed bumps, as vehicles travel very fast.

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