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The Las Piedrecitas Overpass is 30 percent complete

Through a supervision tour carried out by the building authorities in the construction of the Las Piedrecitas Desnivel Crossing, the progress of the 30% in the total work was verified and it is expected to finish next December.

This project is located in one of the main entrances to the Nicaraguan capital and contributes significantly to the access and exit to the west of the country; Due to the fact that vehicles from the municipalities of Chinandega, León, La Paz Centro, Nagarote, Mateare and Ciudad Sandino enter this route.

The work of progress of the Good Government, is composed of 2 aerial ramps that cross each other, which carry an advance of the 70% in their construction; Likewise, it was reported that this work is part of the road system that will join the 7 Sur overpass, to decongest the access and exit to the capital, on its way out to the west and south of the country.

Con esta obra de mejoramiento vial, se mejorará la circulación vial a unos 40 Mil vehículos diariamente, reduciendo los tiempos de 50 u 80 minutos que se duraba anteriormente a unos 10 ó 15 minutos máximo en horas picos ya cuando esté finalizada la obra.[vc_images_carousel images=”9185,9186,9187,9188″ img_size=”large”]

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