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Santo Domingo dressed in yellow, red and white ready for his tour of the eastern neighborhoods

On the eve of the celebration of Santo Domingo de Guzmán Day by the Catholic Church, dozens of parishioners attended the Santo Domingo parish in the Historic Center of Managua for the ceremony dressed in the image of Minguito with yellow and red flowers, and be ready for the tour you will take through the eastern neighborhoods of the capital.

The traditional event was attended by the Mayordoma and Mayor, companion Daysi Torres who collaborated in the dressing of the Saint, while the devotees and parishioners danced to the sound of the chicheros and many of them, took pieces of cotton and rubbed themselves, also presented their little ones children before Santo Domingo to receive his blessing.

The tiny but miraculous image leaves her church on the shoulders of traditionalist porters, the next day after the ceremony of her dress, to visit the Oriental Market and surrounding neighborhoods, including: Ciudad Jardín, El Paraisito, Las Mercedes neighborhood, Bello Horizonte and San José Oriental.

For the parishioners and devotees, this is a great honor to be near and touch the image of Munguito, many of them with great faith and devotion offer their promises requesting or paying for a miracle.

The Mayor highlighted the alliance between the Government chaired by Commander Daniel Ortega and comrade Rosario Murillo, who have guided all municipalities to support the traditions, culture, faith and religiosity of the Nicaraguan people.

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