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Heads of Mission hold II Meeting to Organize Central American Games

The delegations of the participating countries of the XI Central American Sports Games to be held in Nicaragua from December 4 to 17, met to finalize details of the organization and preparations, the meeting was chaired by the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee.

The Government of Nicaragua, through the National Police, presented to the heads of mission the Security Plan that will provide protection to the 5 thousand athletes who will participate in 28 disciplines, the plan was announced by the Second Chief of the National Police, Mayor Commissioner Francisco Díaz, who stressed that athletes will be protected and escorted from the moment they arrive in the country until the end of the sports games.

"Our supreme chief, instructed us to guarantee the normal development of the sports activities of the Central American Games for which we will focus on three moments: before, during and after the games, we will monitor, patrol and guard the entry of the athletes to the country, hotels and sports facilities ”.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno and General Coordinator of the Central American Games, explained that the National Executive Committee organizing the games has ready an action plan for the 40 scenarios where the different competitions will take place.

“We are called to define preparations for the games, reviewing the plans for security, customs and migration, and everything that involves having athletes in the country, as well as local logistics. There are 40 sports venues with which we are going to have for the realization of the games, ”said Moreno.

The General Coordinator of the XI Central American Games explained that the Government of Nicaragua has made an investment in sports infrastructure of 70 million dollars.

“The sports facilities are an effort that, in addition to being used during the games, also favor the practice and development of sport; the games will be bringing to the country the entry of at least 25 thousand tourists, an important engine for the local economy ”.

The President of the Olympic Games Committee, Emmett Lang, that the countries participating in this second meeting are more than satisfied with the support of the National Government in the preparations.

“The Government's interest in holding the games is absolute, the entire capacity of the Government, through the different institutions is committed and dedicated to turning a dream into reality, making the XI Central American Games a sports festival in which everyone people participate ”.

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