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Minguito arrived in the capital accompanied by his butler and Mayor, the Vice Mayor and the Secretary of the Managua Council

At six in the morning on August 1, the tiny but miraculous image of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Patron of Managua, appeared on the shoulders of traditionalist porters, while thousands of parishioners waited for him outside the church of Las Sierritas, who when the bells rang, the mortars, rockets, the smell of gunpowder and the sound of the philharmonics danced, with fervor, faith, devotion and joy, to make a pilgrimage with their Patron Saint to the capital.

The Minguito march was led by the Mayordoma of the patron saint festivities, the Mayor of Managua, companion Daysi Torres, companion Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and companion Reyna Juanita Rueda, Secretary of the Managua Council, who together with the congregation, devotees and Promising, they danced without resting to the sound of the chicheros all the way to the sanctuary of the Santo Domingo de Guzmán Church, located in the historic center of Managua.

The Steward stated that this is a beautiful tradition passed down from generation to generation, where people come with a lot of love, faith, devotion, which is what gives strength and moves all hearts.

"Here we go in the name of God, asking Santo Domingo de Guzmán to intercede before our God, so that he always gives us love, peace, happiness, unity and reconciliation among all Nicaraguans, that peace live in the world," he said. Butler Daysi Torres.

For her part, the Secretary of the Council of the capital, Reyna Juanita Rueda, affirmed that “every year more families are added, parents, children, brothers, nephews, and finally the whole family are summoned, in order, living this moment of faith, joy, this is what our Government supports, the family that we live in peace and harmony, ”said Rueda.

While Comrade Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, affirmed that complying with the traditions of the people is the main thing for the Central Government of President Daniel Ortega and Comrade Rosario Murillo and the Municipal Government, so that the population through faith, of the devotion and tradition are manifested with joy, because for us the main thing is the people.

It is worth noting the presence of the traditionalist Cacique Mayor who once again danced to Santo Domingo de Guzmán, until he left him in his church in the Historic Center of the capital.

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