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Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes held a homily in the church of Santo Domingo and urged to ask Christ with faith

Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes presided over the Holy Mass in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, before he descended from his throne in the Church of Las Sierritas in Managua, preparing to make his pilgrimage to the capital where he will remain for ten days, accompanied by thousands of parishioners and devotees.

Cardinal Brenes urged the Catholic congregation to ask God for favors through prayer, taking into account Santo Domingo, so that he gives us a little help through him and that our prayers and requests are heard and fulfilled more quickly.

Likewise, he asked the media to focus on the positive aspects of this pilgrimage, religiosity, faith, the tradition of a noble people who love God, not to be framed in the few people who are drinking liquor and doing the wrong thing, because those The news goes around the world and it is what the listener or viewer always observes, the negative”, Cardinal Brenes said.

The lowering of the image of Minguito was attended by the Mayordoma of the Patron Saint Festivities, the Mayor Daysi Torres, the Deputy Mayor Enrique Armas and the Secretary of the Municipal Council, the companion Reyna Juanita Rueda.

For her part, Mayordoma Daysi Torres, stated that Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes urged us to ask God with faith, and she joins the request "so that God gives us peace in the world and mainly in our Nicaragua," she said. Torrez.

In the same way, he called on the parishioners to participate in the pilgrimage to the capital, united in families, mothers and fathers with their children, so that they march with great faith, religiosity, in order, with love for God and Santo Domingo. .

Later, at three in the afternoon of the same day, the Mayordoma compañera Daysi Torres and the parish priest of the Church of Santo Domingo de Las Sierritas, Presbítero Boanerges Carballo handed over the Minguito Boat to the children of the traditionalist Lisímaco Chávez (RIP), who They moved him to the San Judas neighborhood where he would be veiled, and then take him to the Gancho de Caminos del Mercado Oriental, where the crowd of parishioners carrying the tiny image of Santo Domingo will wait, and then he will be uploaded and taken to his church in the Center History of the capital where he will be ten days.

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