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Denis Martínez celebrates National Sportsman's Day with a tour of the new National Baseball Stadium

The glory of the national sport of all time Denis Martínez celebrated the national day of the Nicaraguan athlete with a tour of the new National Baseball Stadium, this July 28, when the unforgettable perfect game of the best pitcher in Latin America is celebrated.

The former player of the major leagues together with authorities of the municipality, toured the new stadium, which is 94 percent complete.

Martínez along with his wife, friends, admirers and the national press celebrated 26 years of that day when a Nicaraguan went through the pages of history with the famous perfect game.

With the simplicity that characterizes it and the emotion on the surface, Denis Martínez thanked President Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo for the construction of the new stadium that is not only a tribute to the best pitcher of all time, but also the dream of the future generations.

“Many are left scared and admired by this evolution, by what the Government is doing to facilitate the sports infrastructure for the Central American games, now the youth can make their dreams come true, everything the President is doing is admirable, I am happy to be living in these times ”.

The construction of the sports colossus is 94 percent complete and a permanent staff of 80 people will work for its administration.

“The roof structure is 95 percent complete, there are 15 thousand seats installed and we are working on the playground. We recently had a visit from a specialist in playgrounds and they made us some recommendations for better infiltration and that's what we are doing".

The municipality is preparing a maintenance plan for the infrastructure of the new stadium, for the first five years, which will be around 1.5 million dollars a year.

"By the President's guidance, we are preparing a maintenance plan, a work of 36 million dollars, will require an investment of 1 or 1.5 million dollars, here there will be 80 people working and cleaning up to 300 additional people when they have special events".

Moreno explained that part of the resources to maintain the stadium will come from the leases of the modules that were tendered.

Moreno also confirmed that road works are being carried out around the stadium that will be connecting the Highway to Masaya with Avenida Universitaria.

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