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Alexis Argüello Sports Center is 67 percent complete

The construction of the Alexis Argüello Sports Center, which will be one of the venues for the Central American Games next December, is 64 percent complete and will be ready in approximately 90 days; the sports infrastructure will be 25 meters high and 11 disciplines will be held there.

During a tour with the sports chronicle, the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, confirmed that the sports center will be ready 30 days before the Central American Games.

“Following instructions from the Comrade President, we are closely touring the construction of the Alexis Argüello sports center, which will be one of the main sports infrastructures for the Central American Games and will be the most important indoor space in Nicaraguan sports. We are talking that it will have a capacity to house almost 8 thousand spectators and it will have an area of 8 thousand square meters under roof ”, explained Moreno.

The new building will be 80 meters wide by 100 meters deep, 25 meters high, the gray work is 75 percent complete.

300 permanent people work in the construction process and 350 indirectly, once it is finished, its use will be maximized because it can be used as a convention center and judo, karate, volleyball, table tennis games can be played there. , among others.

Within its equipment, it will be equipped with a giant cube-shaped screen, a doping room, a press room, a dressing room area, and a 40-meter bridge that will connect the main entrances.

The mega-project will have a series of fixed bleachers, which are already 50 percent in place, and a series of mobile bleachers.

In the surroundings of the sports center, drainage works are carried out with the construction of 8 infiltration wells, to drain the rainwater from the historic center of the capital.

"As a responsible government we are building 8 infiltration wells 10 meters deep, to drain the rainwater from an area of 8 blocks, the runoff is led to a fairly deep infiltration layer and in this way we will prevent the water from the sports center get out on the street ”.

The sports center will be ready at the end of October and within this area, there will be children's games, never seen before in Central America, and a complex of Olympic swimming pools.

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