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The festivities in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán begin

This Sunday, July 23, in an atmosphere of tradition and religiosity, to the rhythm of philharmonic music, dances, rockets and mortars, the festivities in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán began, with the traditional Roza del Camino, which takes place prior to the visit. from Santo to the city of Managua.

This is a tradition that the devotees and promisers carried out days before the Traída y Dejada de Santo Domingo, which consisted of cleaning and brushing the road from Las Sierras to Managua, where the image passed in procession every 1st and 10th of August.

Now the devotees and promisers of Managua, to the rhythm of philharmonic music and live to Santo Domingo, left walking from the Gancho de Caminos to the Cruz del Paraíso, where they met the sierreños who arrived in procession with the Mocito from the Church of Las Sierras together with the parish priest Boanerges Carballo, to deliver the Tajona of the festivities to the Mayordoma of these festivities, who this year is the Mayor of the Citizen Power, Daysi Torres Bosques.

This festivity was protected by the National Police, the Nicaraguan Red Cross and the firefighters, who guaranteed the order and security of this celebration, which was well attended by devotees, promising and traditionalists, among them the Chief Chief, the shipper Chepe Largo and Chema Pelón.

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