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Greater order and security in this year's Equestrian Parade announces the Association of Horsemen of Managua

The Mayor of Managua, comrade Daysi Torres, presided as a guest of honor the press conference directed by the Association of Horsemen of Managua, who affirmed that some three thousand riders will participate in the equestrian parade this August 1st in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán .

The president of the Association of Horsemen of Managua, Reynaldo Largaespada, said that this year the parade of August 1 and 10 will leave at one in the afternoon from the North Dupla sector, behind the monument to the Unknown Soldier, in front of the old cinema González and will start with the route of more than 18 floats, later the mounted ones will march.

The route of the parade will be the same as in previous years on Avenida de Bolívar a Chávez, turn left to the Ministry of the Interior building, then skirt the Tiscapa lagoon to the Rotunda El Güegüense, following the roundabout El Journalist until culminating in the Holiday Inn Hotel.

It should be noted that before the start of the parade, recognition will be given to the Scouts Association of Nicaragua for celebrating its first centenary of foundation.

For his part, Commissioner Fernando Borge, on behalf of the National Police, affirmed that this year there will be more order in this activity than in previous years, since the security agents will be guarding order from the previous day, the same as the Road safety agents will indicate the points that will be closed, which will be announced through a press release.

To ensure greater security, giants, stilts, mobile carts of fast food or drinks, or vehicles will not be allowed within the parade route.

The Mayor said that the commune will guarantee the cleaning of the streets immediately after the parade.

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